Led Tube Lights – The Simplest Retrofit Solution For Your Workplace

Offices have long been using fluorescent tubes with high power consumption; these lights also have hidden electricity consumption in the ballasts that power these lamps. By installing Global LEDA’s range of LED Tube Lights you will upgrade to a better, greener and more affordable solution. Cost effective and long lasting, LED Tube Lights are available in different lengths to easily be installed into your existing fluorescent fittings. They are also available in range of warm white, cool white and other colours to mirror requirements for specific areas.

As an alternative you could transform the lighting in your home or workplace by installing products from Global LEDA’s LED Ceiling Lights. The Commercial LED Lighting range includes high tech LED Downlights and LED Flat Panels. For home lights our LED Interior Light range should be considered, for example our LED Downlights will improve lighting around the house while minimising electricity consumption and cost.

Contact us to find out what Led Tube Lights Global LEDA can offer you based on the specific requirements of your home or business.