Residential Solutions

LED House LightsResidential properties use many different kinds of halogen, fluorescent and CFL lights. Although these lights are effective in providing general lighting and to accentuate the design of the house, most consume large amounts of electricity which is a factor in high power bills. It is reasonable for residents to believe they should get the most out of their lighting without having exorbitant costs.

Therefore residential properties need lighting that is both striking and dynamic, while having low running costs. The entire Global LEDA product range is able to meet these requirements and will even provide extra functionality. Residential products include LED flat panels, LED downlights, LED floodlights and LED tubes.

Products features relevant to residential properties:

  • Full LED product range – our products have high energy efficiency which means there is a reduction in both energy consumption and electricity cost
  • High quality light – white and warm colours, high lumen output, high colour rendering index (CRI) and superior light distribution
  • Safe – no UV light, no hazardous materials in construction, low level EMI, and low heat generation
  • Smart – dimming and networking are standard features; motion-sensor compatible
  • Attractive – brushed aluminium powder casing surrounding LED flat panels; neutral white or brushed aluminium powder casing on LED downlights
  • Compliant – fully tested and certified for use in Australia and New Zealand
  • Warranty – 5 year warranty on all products and power supply unit

Contact us to find out the benefits our LED lighting products can offer your home or property.