Health Services Solutions

Lighting in health services has two main functions:

  • Provide staff with adequate light to safely and efficiently perform duties
  • Meet the needs and ensure the comfort of patients and customers

Presently large amounts of halogen, fluorescent and CFL lights are used to meet these requirements; the main problem being these lights consume large amounts of electricity. This is a major factor in the high operating costs associated with this sector. Additionally, their short operating life means constant maintenance and replacement is required for lighting in these facilities.

It can be seen that lighting for health services has to be high quality, as well as reliable, adaptable and safe. Global LEDA will provide an LED lighting solution that will exceed these requirements using the technology integrated into our products. Products of highest relevance to the health sector are LED flat panels, LED downlights and LED tubes.

Product features relevant to the health services sector:

  • Full LED product range – our products have high energy efficiency which means there is a reduction in both energy consumption and electricity cost
  • High quality light – white and warm colours, high lumen output, high colour rendering index (CRI) and superior light distribution
  • Safe – no UV light, no hazardous materials in construction, low level EMI, and low heat generation
  • Smart – dimming and networking are standard features; lighting system compatible with DALI PSU; motion-sensor compatible
  • Low maintenance – easy installation and 50,000 hour rated lifetime
  • Compliant – fully tested and certified for use in Australia and New Zealand
  • Warranty – 5 year warranty on all products and power supply unit
  • Design – ability to design and manufacture LED lighting products specific to client needs

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