Car Park Solutions

A large portion of the operational costs for covered and exposed car parks is due to lighting. Significant numbers of fluorescent tubes and high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps are required to illuminate car parks at a safe level. Fluorescent lights are more expensive to run in comparison to LEDs due to their high power consumption. On the other hand, HID lamps are energy efficient but the light generated by these lamps (often yellow) is not suitable when greater illumination is needed.

Car parks require lighting with features that range from practical and durable, to high intensity and low maintenance. Global LEDA is able to offer solutions to car parks for all lighting setups and demands. Products most relevant to car parks are our LED car park lights, LED guide, street and tunnel lights, in addition to LED tubes which can be retrofit into existing fittings.

Product features relevant to car park lighting:

  • Full LED product range – our products have high energy efficiency which means there is a reduction in both energy consumption and electricity cost
  • High quality light – white colour and superior light distribution, increased safety for cars and pedestrians with high illumination and colour representation
  • Safe – no UV light, no hazardous materials in construction, low level EMI, and low heat generation
  • Smart – dimming and networking are standard features; lighting system compatible with DALI PSU; motion-sensor compatible
  • Low maintenance – easy installation and 50,000 hour rated lifetime
  • Durable – LEDs are solid-state components which means electricity flows through a solid material; this means increased resistance to damage from physical shock
  • Compliant – fully tested and certified for use in Australia and New Zealand
  • Warranty – 5 year warranty on all products and power supply unit
  • Design – ability to design and manufacture LED lighting products specific to client needs

Book a site assessment to discover the benefits of our LED lighting solutions for your undercover or exposed car park.