LED Ceiling Lights – The Optimal Home and Office Solution

Ceiling lights have long been plain, uninspiring and inefficient using incandescent, fluorescent and compact fluorescent lamps. Many people and businesses do not realise the effect of lighting on mood, health and productivity. Global LEDA’s LED Ceiling Lights are the ideal way to harness the benefits of innovative LED Interior Lights and Commercial LED Lighting.

Global LEDA has listened to consumers and understands how people want to improve lighting in their homes and workplaces. People and families are interested in LED House Lighting; and businesses want Commercial LED Lighting that use advanced LED technology. Global LEDA set itself the goal to offer a range of LED Ceiling Lights that exceed the expectations of our clients.

Global LEDA set out to source and manufacture an extensive range of LED Ceiling Lights for residential, commercial and retail buildings. For residential lighting we produced our LED Down Light which replaces halogen downlights. LED Flat Panels were designed and manufactured to provide the optimal lighting solution for offices as well as retail or restaurant areas. The entire range of LED Ceiling Lights are available as Dimmable LED’s giving our customers full control of their lighting.

Aside from LED Ceiling Lights Global LEDA also has a range of LED Car Park Lights that can lead to significant savings in lesser used areas such as car parks and stairwells.